Spring Break 2015 – VacaFit!

EGF BlackJack
Warm up 5 minutes then attack the list by doing 21 reps of each exercise (sets means do 42!) Stretch 5 minutes when you are done!  If working out in a group, have each person pick a number between 1 and 21…that is where they will start their workout (every one will be doing something different).
  1. Plank Knee Tucks
  2. Mtn Climbers (sets)
  3. Curb Hops
  4. Reverse Curls with leg extension
  5. Burpees or Walkouts
  6. Right Leg Forward Lunges
  7. Tricep Dips
  8. Left Leg Forward Lunges
  9. Ball Slams
  10. Jacks
  11. Plank Tap Outs
  12. Jump Squats
  13. Right Side Lunge
  14. Push Ups
  15. Plie’ Squat Hops
  16. Left Side Lunge
  17. Turtles
  18. Plank Hip dip
  19. Get Ups (with or without a weight)
  20. Bicycle Abs (sets)
  21. Speed skaters (sets)